Cool winnings: Win Win Winter is the 2008 Ultimate Local Band

This comes a little late and apologies for the delay, but congratulations to Win Win Winter for getting the most votes and winning tbt’s Ultimate Local Band contest.

Part of their winnings include a half-day video shoot. Here’s the latest update from Marshall Dickson, the band’s guardian angel/record label manager (at 24 Hour Service Station):

“As for the video, the guys are actually meeting with Ground Up today!  We talked to them on Wednesday and today they are discussing four treatments. The song is going to be “Baker Ave” and should begin shooting in August. They are also playing an In-Store show at Virgin Megastore on Sunday in Orlando at 7 p.m. That is being filmed by an Orlando TV station, WHDO. Things are rolling along!”
Read about Win Win Winter and hear some of their songs at
Can’t say it enough — congratulations to Tommy, Matt, Josh and Brian (and Alan, for his part)! You guys deserve it and have made Tampa Bay proud.

2 thoughts on “Cool winnings: Win Win Winter is the 2008 Ultimate Local Band

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  1. Glad to see this…We WWW fans voted till our finger blead. 🙂 I saw them play in Orlando last night at the Virgin Records Mega Store. (rad) Their EP was piping into the store and out to Down Town Diseny alll day.

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