Lazy recommendations

As many of you know, the Orpheum in Ybor City has been a rockin’ depot for local music and touring national acts. Glad to see more shows are getting booked there and the long lines of music-hungry young folks below drinking age.

Some of the new stuff skews too emo and shrill for me, personally, but I love the energy and do hear some good stuff coming out of the shows there lately.

Had a recent conversation with Lazy, of Red Tide, DJing and Orpheum fame, about Tampa Bay acts that have played the famed brick building by the Cuban Club.

Lazy, working many a live music night at the Orpheum, has heard many of the latest local bands coming up in the scene.

Here are his recommendations:

Tides Of Man (this is currently my favorite band period local/national whatever they are awesome! If you like the Mars Volta you will adore them)
Admirals of The Narrow Sea (very close second)
Grey Market (a duo that sounds like a five piece)
Silas (mathy jazz core that still draws kids and not just beard stroking hipsters)
Grecian Urns (a really interesting young band not sure if any are over eighteen)
The Wedding Party (wow, these cats would fit Bonnaroo to a T)



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