One of the area’s best is booking shows again

Palantine, which had a recent lineup shakeup because bassist Scott Becker relocated to Oregon, is back at it, with shows booked in the near future.

Anyone replacing Scott? “No one … for now,” says frontman Vinnie Cosentino. “Brian David Johnson is playing bass, I’m on guitar and Jeff Fox is still playing drums. We have played a handful of shows as a three-piece and it seems to work quite nicely.”

I highly recommend catching a Palantine show. The band cleverly named for the senator in Taxi Driver delivers power, edge and songs that burrow under your skin with infectiousness. You can say there are elements of garage rock, early 90s stuff, but they take rock ‘n’ roll simplicity and mold it into their own special kind of beast — a monster who gets you singing and dancing a little, too.

Here’s Vinnie’s update: “Palantine show coming up on 8/23 at Cafe Bohemia in St Pete with Gleaming Ameobas and Some Dancing Skeleton. We are also set to release our new CD on 10/18 at New World with the help of New Granada,” says Cosentino. “The Semis are on the bill and Map of the Universe from Miami may be as well.”




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