Interview Tar Tar: full serving of Dish unedited

Dish's Nathanial and Roberto Aguilar moved to Deland from Maryland. They're playing New World this weekend.
Dish's Nathanial and Roberto Aguilar moved to Deland from Maryland. They're playing New World this weekend.
1. Did Stetson University bring you to Florida from Maryland? If not, what did?
Yes, stetson was the reason I came to Florida, I convinced Nathaniel to come down a year later.

2. What inspired Nathanial in creating his homemade drum kit?
We were all in a four piece band called Sine with our best friends growing up in Maryland. One of the guys, Pat Ruffner, went to Boston to
look at schools. He saw a guy playing buckets on the side of the street. When Pat got back home, he made a little make shift bucket kit
and I did the same thing. We both would go out on the street and “buscket” all around D.C. and Maryland.
When we brought our band Sine down to Florida and things didn’t work out, Roberto and I decided to try and put music to my bucket kit.
Later in College, a maintenance worker who was also a musician, loved what I was doing and would find old equipment from science labs and helped me
develop my kit even more. “nathaniel”

3. Roberto, you have an expressive and immediate style of singing. Were you influenced by any artists in addition to trying to find your own unique way of singing?
I’ve always loves singers who were expressive and used dynamics. I heard a lot of that in Soul music as well classical and rock and roll.
There are really so many artists to name that have inspired me, but Jeff Buckley would have to be one of the artists that have really influenced me lately. His album live at S’ine is really what moved me to push my limits on what I could do with my vocal cords. I’m also really influenced by M. Ward. He has a quietness to him that’s really draws you in.

4. How and when did you go about forming Dish — and why the name?
When our father moved from D.C to west palm beach, we convinced him to let our band sine move down too. Our plans were to finish our record and start a record label. The two other members moved back to Maryland leaving Nathaniel and I to put together Dish. We really just wanted to play out, we’ve always enjoyed doing that. The name is really not all of that interesting. At the time, Nathaniel’s kit was just a few pots and pans, a gutter tube and a bucket. It all fit on a dish rack, so I just thought Dish was simple enough. “roberto”

5. What is the dynamic between you two? Is one more quiet, one more outgoing, etc? Which one is older?
As brothers we really different from the outside looking in but we understand each other much better than it seems. I love being around people and meeting new ones, thats one of the great things about playing music and traveling. Nathaniel is more of a private person. He’s social, but there are times, especially after a show, that he just doesn’t want to be around people. I’m older. “roberto”

6. How did your parents influence your music, if at all?
My dad introduced us to rock n’ roll like Jimi Hendrix, the doors ect. I was really influenced by mitch mitchel from the hendrix experience.
Other than that we really ventured out on our own to be inspired. “nathaniel”

7. Does Roberto write all the lyrics? Choose a song and say what it’s about.
Yes, I write all of the lyrics. There are some times before we play a song that I want to explain it. One song I’ve been talking about lately is Death and Romance. It’s going to be on our next record. It’s about being hit with two very strong emotions at the same time and trying to make sense of it. I was driving towards Jacksonville one night and I was passing an exit that reminded me of girl I dated recently. She lived off of that exit and all of these memories would come flowing in every time I passed by. I was still heart broken over her so it was pretty intense. At the same moment I was feeling all of this, I looked to my left and I saw a man who had just died in an accident on the side of the road. He was mostly covered by the white sheet, but I could see that he had been bunt to a crisp. When those two emotions collided, it was really creepy and beautiful and that song just kind of shit itself out.

8. Have you had more love than friction — I hope — lately?
Well, it’s funny you should say that. Lately it’s been friction, but this is a great time time clarify something. In that song, a lot of people
think I’m saying “no love and friction”. But it’s actually “know love and friction”. I think the two are inseparable. Real love comes out when there’s conflict. It causes a person to make tough decisions and I think thats the catalyst for love, “Sorrow carves out the space for joy” – Kahlil Gibran

9. Roberto, what are all the instruments you play on stage and in the studio?
Acoustic and electric guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, and whatever else I can get my hands on in the studio.

10. Are you recording any new material?
We are, we’ve been working on this record for almost 7 months, we are really excited about it. It’s going to be called “Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour”

11. What’s your favorite stop on the I-4 corridor?
I think we both collectively agree, The 2nd DeLand Exit is the best.

Hear them: 10 p.m. Saturday with the Wedding Party and the Tape Delay at New World Brewery in Ybor City $7. (813) 248-4969. Photo by Brooke Pifer
From left, Nathanial and Roberto Aguilar


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