A first time for everything …

I don’t take myself or little gig so seriously, but when a band is too self-conscious to answer questions directly, when certain members unload a vat of unimaginative rock cliche dung all over me, I think I’m entitled to be a little put off. 

Is it really that much of a coup to get one over on a modestly paid freelance writer?

Is it really a good idea to attempt a John Lennon-A Hard Day’s Night verbal tango with as much style and finesse as Rosie O’Donnell cutting a rug on Dancing with the Stars?

I’m not saying who, nor will if you ask me, but one of the area’s newest bands might be canceled post-interview for the first time in Meet the Band history.

I might just politely inform them that their column will not run as scheduled.

Not the message I had originally written.

The first message was written angrily and hastily after a second round of questions, asking them to clarify a few points. 

It was in response to a second onslaught of jibberish and evasions, in addition to an “I’m too hungover to be bothered with this – sorry” lamentation.

In my response I said, “I suggest you recover from your hangover and take another stab at these questions. Try next time not to come off so much like a spoiled little bitch and jackass caricature of an irreverent rock star.”


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