Future superstar Ella Jet awaits takeoff

Many of you might be familiar with guitar super-duo Experimental Pilot, Stephen and Robert Vessenmeyer, former members of Men From Earth. They harmonize like nobody’s business and have a an extra-special combo of grit and twang.

Elder bro Stephen has a thing for flying things, hence the name of his act and the middle name of his pretty daughter Ella Jet Vessenmeyer.

Ella Jet is a precocious, spirited and talented performer in her own right. She’s gotten more accomplished in her first decade than most musicians in their 20s.

She appeared on Amy Snider’s Sonic Detour show on WMNF Community Radio on Sept. 16. You can click on the show in the archives at http://wmnf.org/programs/show/357.

Here’s what her dad said about her in a recent e-mail:

“ELLA JET is 10 yrs old
she has been playing guitar for about 8 months now
she has been writing new songs at a furious pace
she has opened for Rebecca Pulley and Tailgunner Joe
and can often be seen playing at Experimental Pilot shows
she loves Taylor Swift and just learned her most recent single Love Story
she recently appeared on WMNF 88.5 Sonic Detours
with DJ Amy Snider, Uncle Rob, Dad and her
her brother Noah who also plays guitar
she enjoys acting and choir at church
looking for frogs n stuff
she runs around the yard barefoot with her Jack Russell Terrier HANK
because Dad can’t get her to keep a pair of shoes on.

she’s a firecracker Jules.”


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