Two reasons to thank God it’s Friday

Jarvik 7 @ New World Brewery


Combining breathtaking atmospherics, accessible melodies and guitar prowess, Jarvik 7 has emerged as one of Tampa’s most appealingly innovative bands. Mat Bowman and Co. don’t play out often, so make some time to catch their set. It includes mood-setting film projections by Mark Thompson and new guitarist Dennis Weinrich, replacing Brad Richardson (second from right). 


Say happy birthday to Gary Dizon of Rancid Polecats

(The band plays Kelly’s Pub tonight)


Considered by many to be merely a party band that performs awesome covers of 80s songs, one of Tampa’s longest-running bands is back in the studio, exceeding expectations of the unitiated.

Here’s an e-mail from local scene hero, helper-outer Gary Dizon:

“We started to record 4 years ago at a horrible studio in Sarasota and the 13 + songs we recorded there were shelved due to dishonest nature of the studio.

We started to record again during since that time period and have
changed as a band. The band has had so many more members and things
have been solidified as the 4 piece for the past 3 years that it has
made the band tighter and also we’ve tried to expand with different
ways to maximize a song within 4 instruments and 3 vocals. (Tommy
doesn’t sing, doesn’t want to sing, and refuses to sing.)

We’re trying to have a new album that reflects all the stuff that
makes us a band and we’ve really changed sonically. The division of
roles has been blurred, where it isn’t always one person singing, and
there is a trade off between what someone may do in the band.

We do have the benefit of having Mike, our old keyboard player come in
for the studio stuff and Rick our old drummer come in for additional
parts in the studio too…

Jerry is doing more guitar solos and I am singing more versus prior..we try to balance it out and have the interplay where one person isn’t always singing.. the band is trying ot have more dynamics and we’re going to have samples again.

The songs have changed where we are also trying ot have more refined craft instead of just doing weird things that we have a tendency for.

We recorded two songs in Hitmakers studio with Bill Mason and it will just be the start of the new album. Tentatively, we are scheduled to record with Steve Seachrist and there will be songs that range from country to ska and other genres and it will be something diverse.”


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