Christmas comeback

Christmas night, for some, means the anticlimax of a hectic holiday or the disturbing realization that your loved ones are still and always be seriously fucked.

For others, it means a memorable show at New World Brewery. 

Typically, some band from back in the day reunites and a million people show up.  

Well, this year seems to be no exception. Hankshaw is back. They’re performing with Jarvik 7.

Hankshaw defies categorization. They are a band of many moods and spectra of rock. You can wear them with a shiny vest. You can cuddle them with them on the couch. You can throw them up against the wall. Do with Hankshaw what you will.

Many remember them as a local favorite, so the show will probably sell out.


3 thoughts on “Christmas comeback

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  1. hey,

    we missed ya at our triumphant return show monday. we even dedicated a song to you! ok not really, but we would have had you been there! and Unwed Sailor were really good too. anywoo, now that i have found your blog i will be annoying you with regular comments. let that be a lesson to ya about sharing information with the public.


    Doug of Petrograd

  2. Also on that amazing Christmas night bill…… Davey Von Bohlen (Promise Ring / Maritime), and your’s truly King of Spain. It really is going to be a ‘don’t wanna miss it’ kind of night! See ya there!!!

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