News from Ed, live karaoke and welcome back, Crash

Good to know that we geezers over 30 can stay viable and badass in the scene.

Some of the scene’s most beloved vets are doing great things this fall.

First off, awesome news from Ed Lowery. He’s drumming for the Boozers, from Tampa, who’s playing the day before Thanksgiving at Kelly’s Pub (Shawn Watkins production). Good oi/punk featuring  Joe Prince of Flat Stanley/Joey Sunshine Band, Dusty from NE legends The Barons/Road to Ruin, John McCrawden and the Fags, plus Max McGreggor, who’s got “no previous bands but local punk a rock persona,” Ed says. 

“We just recorded six songs and have a potential record deal with a street punk label in Germany called Neck Records,” he says. “We are playing Kelly’s Pub day the before Thanksgiving and hosting that punk, oi, ska fest at the Emerald Dec. 20. It’s good stuff! Very fun and energetic; very 70s punk/80s hardcore … check us out on MySpace.”

I’ll be interviewing ’em in the Friday, Nov. 21 tbt*.

I’m giddy with anticipation about seeing Ray Davies at Tampa Theatre Nov. 28. After the show, I’ll be heading to Crowbar for the live rock karaoke shindig at Crowbar. Thanks to Rancid Polecats for putting that on!

Crash Mitchell has moved back to the ATL, but he comes home to bless us his with teddy bear love and witticisms. He and his five will be playing with Flat Stanley and your mom’s favorite band, Mega Smegma.

For now, I’ve gots to attend to my daily constitution.


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