A new way for Tampa Bay bands to get their music out

A dispatch from local scene hero Marshall Dickson:

These are truly interesting times in the music business.  The spirit of The Wild West is back, and the playing field is leveled.

iTunes, Amazon, “InsertNameOfYourFavoriteRecordStoreHere.com” and other digital means of media distribution, are the new frontier.
I’ve assembled a gateway to this digital marketplace for smaller labels and bands who are having difficulty getting in on their own, and am putting finishing details on one to expand physical product in the virtual marketplace of eTail (electronic retail), which offers consumers so many more choices of titles than any brick and mortar record store could ever possibly carry.
If you know any bands, artists or labels looking for a foot in the distribution door, please forward them this message and send them my way.
Thank you.

Marshall Dickson

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