What is your take on local music?

Our relationship with music is as personal and unique as our relationship with our spouses — or God, for that matter. No two people approach it the same way. There’s no right number of records, band biographies, trivia,  name-dropping or snobbery that elevates any one music lover above another. 

More heart, passion and intense thought might go into one song on repeat on a lonely heart’s car stereo than an overly excited DJ downloading thousands of mp3s. Then again, maybe not. Who’s to say? 

The soul-satisfying love of syncopated sounds is the great equalizer and it commands respect.

Heck, maybe that’s what they call God. You never know …

I’m not saying folks shouldn’t be discerning. It’s good to have standards and not blithely and blindly fall under the commands of  media marketeers.

Here, I try to balance accessibility and good taste. I want to support the scene but I want to give a little tough love now and then when need be.

Maybe it’s my unmet maternal urges at play.  Heck, most of the bands are young enough to be my offspring.

And what other role can I play? I’ll never be one of the cool kids. I’m not a musician. I’m not a hottie waiting to hook up. I’ve got a man I love and a sorta stepson at home. Really, I’m just this dorky lady who loves to ramble on about the things that float her boat.

What I’d like to do is help people find local music, help local musicians find audiences and other musicians, and new ways to get their music out.

Let me know what I can do in this regard.

Do you feel out of the loop? Is there something missing that if it were provided, would get you out to more shows? Is there something we could all do to help each other. Is there something more we could do to promote local bands? Let me know what you think …


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