Reciprocation time, folks


WMNF is a hard-working mother who toils around the clock to keep Tampa Bay fed and bathed with enlightenment and entertainment, making up for the ways that all of  the other radio stations fall short in taking care of us.

And like our moms, 88.5 FM never seems to get the respect and generosity she deserves but keeps at it, growing and coming up with new fun concert events, armed by the trusty aid of tireless unpaid volunteers who help to bring us an impeccable variety of music styles, public affairs and news.

With Spring Marathon Drive in full effect, it’s time to scrape up some extra cash — your Starbucks, beer money, the bills you use to buy magazines that never get read — and donate a little sumpin’ to this great local institution we’re so blessed to have in the Tampa Bay area. The minimum is only $25 and if you want to donate more, the station can arrange to withdraw from your debit/credit card in installments. Plus, they send you nifty presents like CDs and concert tickets as a token of their appreciation.

Note, also, that if you don’t have the cash in your account now, you can elect to be billed.

With dwindling funds going to cultural nonprofits, it’s really up to us to keep WMNF alive.

Wouldn’t you be sad not to have the Friday night soul party with the D-O-C and all his shout-outs to the bruthas in lockdown?

Or not be able to hear the latest hipster indie pop on Saturday afternoons with Scott Imrich or Grand National Champions Kamran Mir and Alastair St. Hill on Monday late nights; lose touch with local bluegrass hero  Tom Henderson;  miss out on rare Motown hits from Jeff Stewart; or obscure mod-British Invasion nuggets from Laura Taylor; JoEllen’s Schilke Art in Your Ear? The 60s show? Or not get the gentle workweek nudge from the rootsy-twangy Americana monday morning show?

People, the list goes on — that’s just a small sampling of WMNF brings us. We get some of the best news and education shows, from Fresh Air to Counterspin to the scientific explorations of Michio Kaku.

Heck, WMNF News Director Rob Lorei  is one of the smartest newsmen in America and he’s  in our own back yard. He’s a quietly charismatic speaker and listener, measured, objective and knowledgeable while expressing passion about the things that are universally right and wrong. He could easily host Meet the Press or an evening news show. Lucky for us, he never broke the big time in the national mainstream press.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to lose this great programming, and it would make the DJs of the shows above (for schedule, see feel great to get a donation and shout out from you during one of their shows.

Visit today.


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