The Semis go shopping!


The Semis’ guitarist Matt, left, and frontman Billy, looking like they’re in a special frame of mind.



Major label bands have riders. Locals have grocery lists.

I semi-jokingly asked the Semis to provide their shopping list during a silly Facebook conversation, and to my surprise, Billy Summer (lead vocals, guitar) and Matt Simmons (guitar) obliged. You’ll find this list chock full of necessities — and perversities (is that even a word?).

By the way, the Semis play this Friday with Doll Parts at the “Ever-lovin'” Emerald, as Summer so sweetly coined it. Cover is a measley 3 bucks.

One of the worlds most sought after secrets is The Semis pre-show shopping list. While some items shall now and forever be closely-guarded secrets, here is a short list of items that are required for a successful night of face melting, some of which can be obtained at local supermarkets, others may require trips to farmers markets, asian gift shops, or bodegas.


Fish oil, sublingual B-12, Multivitamin – its important to have the essential nutrients covered on a show day, as part of the pre-show ritual includes substantial fasting.

Vermont Original Bag Balm –  absolutely necessary for soothing the various callouses, sores, and abrasions associated with rock and roll.
575 grams of high quality Royal Jelly – known for its natural antibiotic properties, much needed in the houses of disease where rock music is consumed.
12 6oz bottles of siberian Ginseng extract – Forget Red Bull. This is the business.

24 capsules of horny goat weed – The name says it all.
1 large bottle of Goya-brand manzanilla olives – They’re delicious and go well in Martinis.
1 case of Fiji bottled water  – other brands of bottled water taste hard.
An assortment of gossip mags, including US, Star, OK, and People. – knowledge of all major celebrity gossip is a must before a show. You never know who might show up!

Other needed items may include, but are not limited to, spoons, straws, brillo, tobacco rolling papers, baking powder, isopropyl rubbing alcohol, hair dye (various colors), dog treats, pregnancy tests, catfish, wire clothes hangers, cigs, and wigs.



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