Lots to look forward to in 10 …

I think 2009 became bogged down by holding patterns in many arenas of expression —  especially in music … especially local music.

My complaint about recent times: My head is worn out from nodding. Please — somebody — shake my booty again. Keep your black-frame glasses and geeky cool indie aesthetic. That’s quite all right by me. You don’t have to go total Usher on me. Just give me some intelligent lyrics, solid instrumentation and FAT BEATs. Thanks.

Other than that, band upstarts and new releases by established acts were slim on the local music front, but — thank goodness — things will pick up after the new year.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon. Let me know what I missed by way of commentsurations.

Fittingly disturbing and beautiful art by my buddy/painter superiore Oscar Beauchamp, to be used on King of Spain’s forthcoming EP, Peek.

1. King of Spain – Multi-instrumentalist Danny Wainright has joined Matt Slate to add rhythmic backbone and doubled-up atmospheric dynamics, hypnotic effects to the shimmering tunes of  our beloved Señor Slate. We look forward to more shows by the duo and the impending release of a new EP titled Peek

2. The Semis – also has a new album on the way, showcasing the onetime loud-but-arty garage band as more discerning and savvy masters of pretty (!) plus edgy pop. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised — and moved.

3. Beardsley – one of my favorite new skewed pop bands is set to release a  CD. I have no idea if they’re staying in the same direction, but knowing these smart, funny dudes, it won’t be boring.

4. Poetry ’n Lotion – Twisted mandolin-kissed and folksy-progressive cover band PnL has evolved nicely, adding their own compositions to a suite of classic reinventions of Zeppelin tunes and TV show themes, such as the Knight Rider song. New CD releases in January.

5. Florida Nite Heat —  More pyrotechnics in the sky, I hear. Hopefully this new band will offer something newer and more exciting in this vein since Tampa has almost as much of this type of thing as it has Americana. Word on the street is FNH won’t let us down. Says Matt E. Lee of Brokenmold promotions: “(FNH is) ephereal with melodic undertones; drums by Mes of Crate brothers, bass by Dre, a.k.a. Black Viking God  and Pocketchomper, a.k.a. Jensen on guitar. They do a slowed-down version of A-ha’s ‘Take on Me,’ and Jensen is a phenomenal guitar player.  He writes all the stuff and has a great tone/sound; he’s out of Jax and one of the premier up-and-coming artists in the bay area.”  See the new act perform Jan. 29 at New World Brewery with Patrick Baldwin and November Foxtrot Whiskey.



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