Tampa Bay Band Photo Hall of Shame

I get inundated with ridiculous band photos all year long from earnest and often talented  musicians wanting to get their name out. Sometimes in their efforts to gain exposure they make some misguided decisions.

I think as a public service and excuse for a laugh we should award the best worst  local band pics we see.

If your band lands here, it’s all in good fun. We won’t judge you (wink!).

Please feel free to submit your favorites to juliegaristo@verizon.net.

Here are some:

Free Reign: Who told you to feel free to wear quasi-matching T-shirts … and how can you be so serious about it, too?

How’s that for some awkward patriotism?

Fort Myers’ DayMinus7 wants to kill you in the face …  but will size up your fashion choice first.


The members of St. Pete’s Stalwart have been instructed to stand a few feet apart.

Are they about to begin an aerobics class?


3 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Band Photo Hall of Shame

Add yours

  1. i actually just mentioned the other day that if i had saved all the shitty band photos since i had gotten started in all this (’96) that i’d put out a coffee table book & urban outfitters or something like that would eat that shit up!

    nice work!

  2. Just came across this post while doing some SEO research. Turns out I just photographed Cristi Vale & Sequel in my studio a few months back. Fortunately they walked away with significantly less egregious photos this time around. 🙂

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