Wednesday2 begins a new tradition of storytelling and performance in Gulfport

Gulfport favorites: At the 2014 Gasp! with Ciara Carinici and Wilson Loria. Photo by Daniel Veintimilla.

When I was arts and entertainment editor, I wrote about a collective of theater talent in Gulfport, who have remained in the shadows of the Bay area’s theater scene at large. Tonight, a few of these local fringe-dwellers — who have successful performance careers beyond the Bay area — will be spearheading Wednesday2 (pronounced Wednesday Squared), a showcase of words and theater at the City of Imagination in Gulfport.

Renaissance Man: Peter Suarez has been known to wield a sword, fire and acoustic guitar at ren fests and elsewhere around the world.
Peter Suarez, a veteran New York actor and international flamenco dancer, will be reading his “El Traje de Luces”, a bullfighter’s tale. Wilson Loria, who was recently honored for “Best Text” at the Montreal Fringe Festival, will be reading his “Accordion” and “Subway” pieces.
The night of theater and prose will also include lit scene favorites Cathy Salustri, Creative Loafing’s new arts and entertainment editor, and Tiffany Razzano, founder of Wordier Than Thou. Suggested donation is $10.
If you can’t make it tonight, a new showcase of will take place every second Wednesday of the month featuring short plays and prose written and read by local authors. Visit  the Wednesday2 Facebook page for details.

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