SourceTalk Saturday: “Police State”

The primary presidential election has offered a town hall meeting almost every night. Sadly, these media events are rife with name-calling and canned rhetoric. Not much of relevance is shared beyond the talking points.
Today, in Tampa, you can attend a town hall that delves into issues and ideas that are relevant right now in American cities.
The community organization Us‘s topical forums known as SourceTalk Saturday (based on the live, issues-based talk show called Wide aWoke Wednesdays) explore issues and ideas we all care about.
This Saturday at Seminole Heights Library , Us will present Police State, a SourceTalk that delves into the current reality of racial profiling, violence and law/law enforcement. Panelists include Us Community Committee member Sundiata Shu ‘El Bey and minister/former law enforcement officer Nicole Gadson.
Tafari said that Shu’El Bey (pictured above) is a legal expert who has assisted criminal defendants navigate the courts system. The activist will help attendees get to the source of the fear and ignorance to blame in problems with law enforcement, “so we can make wiser, more rational decisions.”
A registered Aboriginal-Indigenous Moor, Shu El’Bey is also know as DJ Breeze. He’s a favorite in the local spoken word and hip-hop scene, and a member of The Us Community Committee, “an organization with the mission in mind of serving all of Us with Righteous Intentions and Works ” [initial caps retained].  
Says Tafari: “El’Bey will speak on his firsthand experiences of being a adult Black male and dealing with law enforcement here in the U.S. this Saturday at SourceTalk.” 
nicole gadsen
Nicole Gadson

The event’s other panelist, Gadson, she got involved with US through Walter “Wally B.” Jennings, who participated in a previous SourceTalk Saturday.

“When I spoke to her in detail on the show, she loved the idea and what it represented,” Tafari shares. “Her objective, as well, is to help Us get to the source of the issue between Blacks. The former  Orlando police officer will allow people to possibly “overstand” why law enforcement does some of the things they do, says Tafari.

 Gadson is a self taught musician and singer-songwriter. She has performed up and down the East Coast, and is currently working on a gospel album.  A member of Hurst Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where she is a leader for the Singles Ministry and a musician with the Music Ministry, Gadson also performs with Black on Black Rhyme. She has appeared on stage with  Lyfe Jennings, T Pain , Keyshia Cole  and Field Mob.
Also at the event: live music by Camille Scringer, Us Community Committee. Vendors include Tampa based Higher Hustle Clothing  and The Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen. Video recording by Streetdrop Cinema Digital Video Production will be presented in conjunction with GivThanks TV.

Attend Police State at 6 p.m. today at Seminole Heights Branch Library,  4711 N Central Ave, Tampa. Admission is free. Find out more about Us here.


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