It was an Americana whirl, fulfilled promises

The Americana Fest at Skipper's Saturday was a resounding success. (Apologies  for the belated post. Your friendly writer here is battling an uprecedented case of malaise, insomnia and brain fog. That. ...  Just. ... Won't. ... Go. ...  Away. ... I'm fighting it though. Like Eugene Hutz says: "I'm in touch with my inner warrior.") So back on point: The  shindig at the Skipperdome was... Continue Reading →


Into the Night and it feels right

    Put a young, enterprising group of blues and roots rockers in the studio with producer/local rock poobah on high Steve Connelly. The end product: An exceptional new CD,  Into the Night, by Roppongi's Ace. And what comes inside that pretty package? Crystalline strums, gently seering harmonicas by bassist Jesse Norton, soft vibratos and quiet spaces between.  Max Norton's... Continue Reading →

A lesson in bluegrass from Tampa’s Pickford Sundries

    Here's a transcript from my recent interview with improvisational bluegrass band Pickford Sundries: Tampa’s merchants of improvisational bluegrass are Jason "Fil" Pate, mandolin; Tug Winthrop, Dobro (resonator guitar) and vocals; Tony Caruso, guitar and vocals; Brian Lane, upright bass; and Fred Donovan, guitar and vocals.   Formed: July 2006   Why they named their band... Continue Reading →

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