Our Collective Responsibility in Ending Mass Violence

  America's misguided attachment to guns, the industry's lack of regulation must be addressed in the wake of these mass shootings, but there are other societal factors at play. American culture fetishizes dominance, violence and fear. Take our action movies, for instance -- they are vastly unlike the ones I grew up with -- they... Continue Reading →


6 thoughts after the solar eclipse

Extreme fatigue today but here are some semi-coherent thoughts to document this historic day. 1.) Have the sun and moon let all this attention to to their big heads? They are so 8 hours ago. Wish they could put on their act without requiring the purchase of accessories to view them. So high maintenance. Prima donnas, I... Continue Reading →

A closer look at the locally shot Waiting on Mary

Featured in the Sunscreen Film Festival on Sat., April 30, 12:15 p.m., Muvico Sundial 19 & IMAX, 151 Second Ave. N, Saint Petersburg. Glad to see that the Tampa Bay-shot feature film Waiting on Mary is making the rounds at the regional film festivals. The sweet dramedy by Dolphin in a Drum Productions features an all-star cast of local stage actors and... Continue Reading →

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