The songs I would love to be sampled and who should sample them, video 1

Give Me Back My Man -- B-52's, by Janelle Monae with Andre 3000.


Teenage Favorites Video Jukebox — my ’80s on MTV

Social media sites have been more splattered with 80s nostalgia than a Flashdance-off-the-shoulder puffy paint shirt. When it comes to music, as a rule, I try not to dwell on the past, but the 1980s are special to me because they perfectly span my adolescence, from age 11 to 20. I began my inklings of womanhood during the... Continue Reading →

Obscure goodies

When discussing music from the past, Brian Repetto, a.k.a. the Dark Esquire and of Dumbwaiters/Insect Joy fame has always had a great knack for reminding us about what we forgot and making us aware of what we missed. He's the guy to remind you that Simple Minds had much cooler stuff out there way way way before the Breakfast Club soundtrack.... Continue Reading →

Tampa Bay Band Photo Hall of Shame

I get inundated with ridiculous band photos all year long from earnest and often talented  musicians wanting to get their name out. Sometimes in their efforts to gain exposure they make some misguided decisions. I think as a public service and excuse for a laugh we should award the best worst  local band pics we see. If... Continue Reading →

Fond farewells

   No end-of-the-decade retrospective would be complete without mentioning a few of the great individuals who touched our lives and, sadly for us, left our world. While I regret I cannot include all the late great musicians who made an impact, there are certainly three standouts: Jeff Wood, Mike O'Neill and Dave "Dave Rat" Anderson.    Please read below and share... Continue Reading →

Lots to look forward to in 10 …

I think 2009 became bogged down by holding patterns in many arenas of expression --  especially in music ... especially local music. My complaint about recent times: My head is worn out from nodding. Please -- somebody -- shake my booty again. Keep your black-frame glasses and geeky cool indie aesthetic. That's quite all right by me.... Continue Reading →

On Crystal Antlers, on blitzing

Crystal Anters, performing tonight at Crowbar in Ybor City. Antlers this time of year usually conjure images of Canadian beasts schlepping Santa's sleigh. If we were to suss out indie rock's Rudolph, we'd have to allocate that awesome misfit honor to Crystal Antlers from Long Beach: "fringe-psych explorers of the first order," according to label Touch and Go's site. The swirly, oomphy band... Continue Reading →

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