Ode to a mysterious pair of abandoned sandals spotted on the shore of the Dunedin Causeway

Mascara-blackened tears streamed Mariella Lontana's freckled cheeks as she tossed her apron and feathered cap into the dumpster outside the Nottingham Diner. For six years, since the week of her 16th birthday, she had schlepped dishes and poured refills at the Inwood, Long Island, mom-and-pop.  Sure, she hated the job, but Papa's lectures and the precise snap... Continue Reading →


From Italy with Love: The Folk Explosion of Kalàscima

Sometimes music can take over you in a feverish, festive dance. During this moment of sweaty abandon you feel inextricably connected with everyone around you, and the past bleeds with the present. That's the feeling you'll get from the neofolk ensemble Kalàscima. The exuberant Southern Italian band performs tonight in Miami in the North Beach Bandshell in celebration... Continue Reading →

From South America to Standing Rock II — the spirit lives at the camp

A follow-up to last Tuesday's Tampastica blog on Clearwater resident and photo/videographer Daniel Veintimilla's visit to the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota. He assisted the Weaving Ties organization escort Amazonian tribal leaders to the Standing Rock camp and is helping document the delivery of a ceremonial drum signed by 12 nations representatives in support of the Dakota Pipeline protest.

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