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Conceptiams: neologisms that define our times, ed. 1

A collision of the Information Age and our collective unconscious has helped comedians write jokes, Hallmark create greeting cards and made memes an ever present reality. We all want some sort of assurance that we’re not alone in or crazy for noticing a different aspect of a familiar scenario.

We all have shared observations that we sometimes don’t even know we have.

Even when our thoughts and opinions of a person, place or thing seem especially weird or nuanced, almost invariably, someone else has made the very same observation.

The need to define phenomena of our times has also inspired this ostensibly  handy reference guide to help coin occurrences, conditions and other ephemera that are “becoming a thing.”

Neologisms are ever-present   — from Sniglets to Douglas Coupland’s Generation X to Urban Dictionary — and continues to be done, but like birdwatching, some hobbies provide contentment and transcendence despite increased participation.

Emotionary has already accomplished a good chunk of what I had hoped to by coining phenomena that occur in human verbal and non-verbal interactions. Come to think of it, there should be a word for that feeling you get when you’ve come up with a good idea and realize you not only the first to come up with it, but someone has already capitalized on it.

How about this: conceptiam — concept + iam, the Latin word for already.

In the future, I’d like to see a full-blown. instantaneous Internet search engine that you helps you find new words for ideas. It could be powered by by neologists across the nation and around the world.

For now, may this little pocket reference strike a chord, call out ridiculous rituals, demystify trends and, hopefully, help us all share a laugh.

Look out for new phrases each week updated in this blog.


Expresidentia when a U.S. president, no matter how loved or loathed, becomes more liked overall after his tenure as Commander and Chief.
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Help Clearwater-Largo Road get some artistic love

Clearwater-Largo Road used to be one of the most depressed thoroughfares in Pinellas County. Though the long, curvy road borders one of Tampa Bay’s most affluent areas — Belleair — the road itself used to represent an extreme example of wealth disparity. No more. The past decade has seen encouraging growth in growth and retail in the area. The City of Largo invested $4-million into making … Continue reading Help Clearwater-Largo Road get some artistic love

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From South America to Standing Rock II — the spirit lives at the camp

A follow-up to last Tuesday’s Tampastica blog on Clearwater resident and photo/videographer Daniel Veintimilla’s visit to the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota. He assisted the Weaving Ties organization escort Amazonian tribal leaders to the Standing Rock camp and is helping document the delivery of a ceremonial drum signed by 12 nations representatives in support of the Dakota Pipeline protest.

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From South America to Standing Rock — Daniel’s arrival to North Dakota

My life partner and frequent work companion, Daniel Veintimilla, landed a special gig this week assisting representatives of Amazonian tribes visiting North Dakota. An Ecuadorian friend referred him to Weaving Ties, a South America-based network of social organizations dedicated to the management of forest territories in Asia, America and Africa. (Daniel, for those of you who don’t know us intimately, was born/grew up in Ecuador and … Continue reading From South America to Standing Rock — Daniel’s arrival to North Dakota

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You go, Dina! Turkey neck no more

Every morning while watching WTSP-Ch. 10 with my mom a Sonobello plastic surgery clinic commercial comes on without fail. I am haunted by this adorable little lady’s horror story about her insidious waddle. She has an accent and melodic speaking manner that I can’t get out of my head. My hunch is that she’s Greek-American … or maybe Brazilian or Latina. Not sure. Regardless of her … Continue reading You go, Dina! Turkey neck no more